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With the basic rent flat rate for only 39,90EUR per month!

The rental software

You will be impressed!

All relevant information and evaluations at a glance
Your team has access to all the latest information anytime and anywhere
With the rental software you have all relevant information in one place and keep a secure history
Simplify your processes by automating your rental orders
All relevant data of your company are always up to date with the integrated reports
Generate more revenue and therefor more profit simply with the integrated online booking

Unique features

Discover the rental software

The calendar of the rental software
Simply book online and rent

Live calendar

Just keep the complete overview, create and move reservations with the mouse. Pickup and return with digital signature, ID card capture and more!

Online reservation
Additional benefits of the rental software

Additional benefits

Permanently generate more revenue through your website

The rental software allows you easily to put your rental items such as cars, bicycles, e-bikes and more on the internet, to book online and pay securely.

With the rental software you can manage your own rentals easily and conveniently. The application is user-friendly and compatible with all devices, allowing intuitive control and work.
Updates and development

Constant further development

With new features and updates

The software platform of the rental software will be extended every month with new functions. Our team of excellent developers constantly reviews and improves every aspect of our software. As a user of the rental software you get direct access to the innovations and updates.
Rental for all branches of industries
Security and performance

Sustainable and safe

Long term profit

The rental software has existed for 25 years and has been developed and adapted to the current technical standard.

Current version: 35.55
Last update: 09.01.2020

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What users say about our rental software

Frank S., Stuttgart
The software surprised me with the well-thought-out processes, which nevertheless can be understood quickly. The team is really professional with quick response to questions.

Hannes K., Barcelona
A major component of our success is the rental software.

Harald K., München
If you want to make your rental successful in the long term, contact the Team of this software. The team itself comes from the rental industry and the processes are therefore properly implemented.

Gerhard S., Frankfurt
Unfortunately we had to change the software provider with our camper rental, because it came with the old provider to permanent failures, empty promises and related disability. From the beginning, we were well-supported by the Bookyt team and were able to take over all our old data.

Barbara F., Heide
We have been successfully working with the Bookyt software for nine years. Problems and customizations are done quickly and without complications. The many included automations make our work easier every day and the flexibility to work with the iPad is awesome. Honestly, I do not believe that there is comparable or better software on the market.

Michael H., Gelsenkirchen
In the meantime, we have expanded our fleet to over 500 rental items and we are now also working in multiple languages (in France and Spain) with many stations. Since using this rental software, we have been able to work much more effectively and concentrate on the essentials. We are happy to recommend the rental software

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